Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day *FAIL EDITION*

0. [Disclaimer] These are all legitimate submissions which Valve has already rejected. Viewer discretion is advised. (MNSFW)

1. [Queen of Pain] Dick Stick by Julius_dman

     Queen of Pain's new dagger...

     When I look at it, the Dick Stick has very well made textures but there are some parts that are inaccurate. For instance, lets critique the testicles. No ordinary human would usually have their shaft buried between their testes and have them at the same level. Next, the head is a bit to sharp around the edges and needs to be smoothed. However, I will give Julius_dman props for creating a handle.

2. [Sven] Ligula by OK.Ravand

     Sven's new utensil. 

     There is no better way for Sven to get fed than to be killed by him while he's using a spoon. It makes perfect sense in that situation, but I feel it may be more effective if he was using a fork because of the sharp tongs. Perhaps in the future there can be a select style to choose the perfect utensil in every situation. However, this weapon does solve the problem of whenever you ask your friends to have a spoonful of something. A prime example of this put to use can be found here in this video: 

3. [Courier] Dotex by ThG!♥

     Quote from submission page, "A courier that if you upgrade, will turn into a airplane."

     Pretty sure the name is a reference to an American mailing company called UPS. Some conflicts that this entry runs into would first be the size. Since most couriers are small, it wouldn't be right to have this delivery truck become a small toy. Another issue with that is how the animation wouldn't be apparent enough. It would just look like a car going in a straight direction at all times. Last but not least it would probably be OP having a courier that could run over things while it delivers items. #Fedex

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