Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 12th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Bristleback] Heavy Armor Bristleback by Jeremy Klein 

     This set comes with five items including: a helm, arms, back, neck, and clobber.

     The distinction this set makes is expanding on the good features of Bristleback's look while minimizing the bad. Take the spikes for example. All it really is is the change in shell and a darker hue towards the end of each bristle. Each individual item matches each other but also matches the hero's default tone too. The bulkiness of the set reminds us of how tanky he is especially with his passive. My favorite part of Heavy Armor Bristleback has to be the mace. It resembles some sort of baby that acts as a reflection Bristleback's spiky exterior. A preview video of how the set looks in game is available on the submission page.

2. [Doom] Crown of Omoz by Alex Pascal and Julio

     A wonderful companion item to the mythical sword Eye of Omoz.

     For some reason, the incorporation of Doom's design into Dota 2 turned his face more skeleton bony. In the first Dota he appeared to be more like a hellish Wyvern or just more beast like to say the least. This mask wipes off the faded mug of Doombringer and turns his face into a more sinister yet cunning figure. With the horns now melded into the whole look, instead of having their own seperate divisions, they become more-so compatible with the rest of Doom's body.

3. [Courier] Larval Faerie Dragons by Mittens

     This would be the perfect result of imagining Puck in courier form.

     Please keep in mind that this was submitted a whiles before Valve decided to give Puck a face lift. One of the concerns for this submission was that it looked way too similar to the hero already, but if anything Valve's slimming of Puck's face made the faerie dragon look more like this courier. At any rate, I find this completely acceptable and noticeably different from the hero. The colors, the wings, the cute little rounded paws, are all so cute and leaves no room for any player to mistake this messenger to be designed after someone else. The clarity potion and tangos are just icing on the cake.

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