Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3rd, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Ursa] Scales of the Immortal Set by Thnk

     This set comes with four items including: a helm, pauldron, bracers, and a kilt.   

     "One does not simply play Ursa without farming Roshan." Personally, I am surprised this still doesn't have over 500 ratings yet. If we look back at all of Ursa's sets (with the exception of Alpine Stalker), his items are actually... sort of... bland. No offense to the creators, but I mean just look at those old sets and look at this one. Speaking of that Alpine Ursa debacle, wasn't its removal something about it not being relevant to the lore? Come on. For the record, I am completely pro-lore, otherwise we'd have a bunch of fools running around in expensive costumes that don't relate to anything (Sup League?). But you're telling me Alpine was at one point approved, and this set which features the artistic styling of associating Roshan with Ursa still isn't implemented? What is up Valve?

2. [HUD] Devourer's Lair by Vollbernd

     Outworld Devourer and this HUD are truly a match made in heaven... or where ever the hell the lore says he is from.

     Normally, in my book, I would knock off some points for HUDs that seem like they can only cater to one hero. However, a creation such as this just does so much justice to OD that I can forgo that thought. Devourer's Lair features a glowing turquoise effect between all the obsidian crevices, a personalized loading screen, and even a custom day/night clock. More details as well as previews of the other aspect ratios can be found in the link to the submission under the title.

3. [Ward] Insight Sprite by Christopher Volken

     Cute little wards that flutter their teeny-tiny faerie wings until they expire.

     There's no mistaking it when you try to guess which hero this ward is themed after. It is exactly what you can imagine and expect out of Puck's sugary, plum-princess world. The dead giveaway is the signature Faerie Dragon styled wings. This ward features a sort of aura-esque glowing spiral around it which you can barely see in the right screenshot. One of the tinier details I also love is the subtle palette change of the base that the eyeballs fly above. To get a better view of the wards' glowing aura, as well as their animations of flying in action, visit the submission page and watch the preview video (don't forget to watch in HD if you can).

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