Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1st, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Sven] Strength of the Future Gods by Akaize

     This set comes with six items including: gauntlets, a helm, pauldrons, leg protectors, a belt, as well as a sword. 

     What I like about the set is the overall design philosophy revolving around linking digital scriptures found over the entire armor and weapon. Next, we have a very unique horned helm with its one of a kind defining eye light which bursts out of the helm and glows outside. Keep in mind that these shining properties actually require activation through Sven's ultimate ability, "God's Strength," which you can view through the preview video on the workshop page. Even without the bright details from activating his ultimate, his normal blue mode still provides a very clean, cool, and handsome looking swordsman.

2. [HUD] Power Surge by Coridium

     I am pretty sure this HUD speaks for itself and that it is of great appeal to match with Razor. 

     Not only that, but whenever I play, I'll always try to use an HUD in my inventory which matches the hero I use during that game. I can see myself using this HUD alongside: Razor, Vengeful Spirit, Disruptor, Zeus, Storm Spirit, and Leshrac just to name a few. Accounting for color schemes, it can also match with other blue heroes that have no affiliation to lightning as well. Another interesting characteristic is that there is a lightning sort of jewel which pulses with light around the display. If you look in the description Coridium provides in the workshop post, you can see how he incorporated the ideals of hero fashion from the default models of Razor and Drow Ranger into the HUD too.

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