Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Warlock] The Exiled Demonologist by Cersei and Jaime Lannister

     This set comes with eight items including: a hood, garment, bracers, book, staff, lantern, pauldrons, and a custom ultimate.

     Since the Demonic Archivist items, we have yet to see another set for Warlock. This collection is an excellent reminder of how dangerous and feared Demnok the Warlock should be. What I find great about this submission is how vibrant and distinguished the items can be, and yet still maintain the properties of the normal warlock so it isn't overly flamboyant. If you want to see what the set looks like in game, as well as the animations of the new summon, the links are available at the workshop submission page.

2. [Venomancer] The Thorned Mutation by 7thBattery

     This set comes with six items including: a carapace, mandibles (jaw), spine, pincers, venom spitters, and a custom plague ward.

     As depicted by the side by side comparison screenshot above, this set makes Venomancer as menacing as ever. Absolutely every aspect of every change the set gives, brings forth a more toxic, yet sexier representation of what this plague spreading hero should have looked like all along. Although the main idea behind the set is seemingly the red venomous thorns, the small intricate details that compliment them really is what outlines them. What comes to mind are the fin/webbed like appearance of the tail and claws, and the small bulges disbursed throughout the hero that appear to be withholding more volatile poisons stored underneath its skin.

Edit: *Venomancer is getting remodeled. Hopefully 7thBattery will be able to translate this set to the new model upon release.

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