Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1st, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Hiatus

I would like to thank everyone who has read my posts. It is a priceless feeling knowing that my personal opinions were appreciated, acknowledged, and read. I am sorry to say that now I've started a new job, I am unable to allocate time for this blog. This hiatus will not be indefinite. I will write again in the future, but I do not know when. When I do, it will be written in daily increments of a week. So it will not be one day, break a few days then one day again. Again I can not thank you enough for you interest. See you next time and good luck have fun in Dota 2!

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14th - 31st, Dota 2 Workshop *On Break*

0. [Break] If you read this, I am sorry to inform you that I'll be taking a break for a few weeks because I am a nerd and will be busy playing the new Pokemon Y in my spare time. I hope you will understand. Thank you for your patience!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 12th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Bristleback] Heavy Armor Bristleback by Jeremy Klein 

     This set comes with five items including: a helm, arms, back, neck, and clobber.

     The distinction this set makes is expanding on the good features of Bristleback's look while minimizing the bad. Take the spikes for example. All it really is is the change in shell and a darker hue towards the end of each bristle. Each individual item matches each other but also matches the hero's default tone too. The bulkiness of the set reminds us of how tanky he is especially with his passive. My favorite part of Heavy Armor Bristleback has to be the mace. It resembles some sort of baby that acts as a reflection Bristleback's spiky exterior. A preview video of how the set looks in game is available on the submission page.

2. [Doom] Crown of Omoz by Alex Pascal and Julio

     A wonderful companion item to the mythical sword Eye of Omoz.

     For some reason, the incorporation of Doom's design into Dota 2 turned his face more skeleton bony. In the first Dota he appeared to be more like a hellish Wyvern or just more beast like to say the least. This mask wipes off the faded mug of Doombringer and turns his face into a more sinister yet cunning figure. With the horns now melded into the whole look, instead of having their own seperate divisions, they become more-so compatible with the rest of Doom's body.

3. [Courier] Larval Faerie Dragons by Mittens

     This would be the perfect result of imagining Puck in courier form.

     Please keep in mind that this was submitted a whiles before Valve decided to give Puck a face lift. One of the concerns for this submission was that it looked way too similar to the hero already, but if anything Valve's slimming of Puck's face made the faerie dragon look more like this courier. At any rate, I find this completely acceptable and noticeably different from the hero. The colors, the wings, the cute little rounded paws, are all so cute and leaves no room for any player to mistake this messenger to be designed after someone else. The clarity potion and tangos are just icing on the cake.

Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Earthshaker] Burning Ground by Jaiko Takeshi

     This set comes with four items including a totem, helmet, belt, and bracers.

     The design of the ancient markings accomplishes the overall synergy of each item in the set. They certainly account for Raigor's power with its unique brightness levels of the glowing patterns. The rough exterior design that encases the lines also brings out the element of earth from Earthshaker. There are a few issues with the modeling that can be found on each individual page, but as a first time submission for the artist, it is a great idea. Because of this, I am looking forward to any future work Jaiko Takeshi can showcase.

2. [Silencer] Guardian of Silence by Sebastian

     This set comes with six items including: a blade, armlets, belt, helm, shield, and shoulders.

     Brought to you by the creator of the Dreadknight set, dawns an elegant uniform created for Nortrom the Silencer. What I find puts this submission apart from other Silencer sets is the discreet use of the color white, spread across his clothing. Other creators seemingly do not want to allow the audience notice colors outside purple and gold which entails Sebastian to some extra points for thinking outside the box. Next, these items aren't bulky and in fact slim Silencer down quite a bit compared to the Hidden Talent set. They keep Silencer stylish while maintaining his identity. Lastly, I would like to point out that Nortrom's book of silence is hung on the back of his belt which provides an excellent unneeded touch fans of the hero will appreciate. A preview video of what the set looks like in game is available on the submission page. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 10th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Beastmaster] Helm of the Warbeast by Futashia

     Who would have thought that a single helm could change a hero's persona completely?

     What this helm does is introduce a coolness and charisma to the savage hero we identify as Beastmaster. He is a hero that is rugged, manly, wild, tribal, and savage which has now been taken to higher levels with this horned beauty. Frankly, right away I was under the impression this helm looks a bit similar to the Father of Dragons Helm by Don Don. However it is only the characteristic of the cheek/mouth guarding plates and the skull section.

2. [Nyx Assassin] Primal Instincts by [prosto-mogy]

     This set comes with three items including a horn, claws, and carapace. 

     I love these sets that incorporate the idea of Nyx's armor naturally evolving compared to just straight up replacing his shell with different armor. In this set, Nyx even loses his leg armors. The name Primal Instincts allows me to imagine that he has been surviving in a dangerous environment which forces our critter to hunt specific prey which is a great comparison to his role in game. His orange carapace warrior armor is slimmed to a lighter sort of blood color marked by tiger striped lines. The best part is the evolution of the exposed larger wings out the back that can indicate a steadfast preparation to strike. 

3. [Brewmaster] Hat of Brewing by goose

     A clear throwback to our beloved Pandaren from Dota 1.

     Goose did very well in reminding the audience of its olden style yet making the hat fitting and fashionable to the world of Dota 2. Specifically, I am mentioning the ears. Although he'll never be the same black and white panda from the old days, the ear exposure from the holes can attest to him being the same hero with different characteristics. Plus, since his ears are longer now, and have a white fading to the outside, it adds a level of finesse to our Brewmaster.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Alchemist] Boiling Blood Berserker by Hawkseye

     This set comes with seven items including: blades, armor, flasks, a hat, punching claws, rags, and spikes. 

     The reason I chose to feature this set is because it is a well executed, simple idea. There are no exaggerations in the design, just a tattered-robed alchemist riding its battle ready ogre. Outfitted with black clothing, the ogre looks dangerous enough along with the many tusks and horns attached to his forearms, head, and the alchemist's tiny saddle. The swords too. They aren't flashy but they look good, and the sword straps are created to perfectly match the swords' designs in their placement position.

2. [Bounty Hunter] Poor Man's Shield by SPL4tt

     "A busted old shield that seems to block more than it should"
     Even though it's modeled after the in-game item, the colors originally match well with Gondar. Spl4tt has also made the marks and cuts depicted by the in game portrait more detailed and the item has an excellent size transition as well. Although this takes up the shoulder slot for Bounty Hunter, it is a nice change of pace compared to always having him carry a shuriken there (which by the way is never the one you use to throw).

3. [Tiny] Lava Tiny by heckaa

     A second, upgraded item to the previous Lava Tiny by the same creator.

     When we already have the Elemental Ice Infusion item in game, there is no escaping from the thought of the opposite type. At the other end of the spectrum, we arrive at this lava element. This design is a nice representation of what everyone can imagine a molten Tiny to be. The great features of Lava Tiny include molten rocks in all of his animations. That means when you are using Avalanche or Grow, the rock chunks that rise and come out are all imbued with magma. There is a video available at the submission page demonstrating all of Tiny's sizes and animations. The only complaint I have is that Heckaa removed the charred tree that would've been available via an Aghanim's Scepter.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day *FAIL EDITION*

0. [Disclaimer] These are all legitimate submissions which Valve has already rejected. Viewer discretion is advised. (MNSFW)

1. [Queen of Pain] Dick Stick by Julius_dman

     Queen of Pain's new dagger...

     When I look at it, the Dick Stick has very well made textures but there are some parts that are inaccurate. For instance, lets critique the testicles. No ordinary human would usually have their shaft buried between their testes and have them at the same level. Next, the head is a bit to sharp around the edges and needs to be smoothed. However, I will give Julius_dman props for creating a handle.

2. [Sven] Ligula by OK.Ravand

     Sven's new utensil. 

     There is no better way for Sven to get fed than to be killed by him while he's using a spoon. It makes perfect sense in that situation, but I feel it may be more effective if he was using a fork because of the sharp tongs. Perhaps in the future there can be a select style to choose the perfect utensil in every situation. However, this weapon does solve the problem of whenever you ask your friends to have a spoonful of something. A prime example of this put to use can be found here in this video: 

3. [Courier] Dotex by ThG!♥

     Quote from submission page, "A courier that if you upgrade, will turn into a airplane."

     Pretty sure the name is a reference to an American mailing company called UPS. Some conflicts that this entry runs into would first be the size. Since most couriers are small, it wouldn't be right to have this delivery truck become a small toy. Another issue with that is how the animation wouldn't be apparent enough. It would just look like a car going in a straight direction at all times. Last but not least it would probably be OP having a courier that could run over things while it delivers items. #Fedex