Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Enchantress] Forest Song Set by Exotic Lemming

     This set comes with five items including: a headpiece, skirt, staff, arm twigs, and clothing.

     This idea is phenomenal. Everything in uniform is great. The wooden horned headpiece with her locks flowing out the back. The butterfly theme in the clothing and staff. The element of wood coming out of her arms and being used as her skirt. It is an elegant fusion that makes Enchantress define the word Nature. There are only two problems I have with the set and I think Valve may also have. The first is that the clothing for Enchantress uses the slot "Neck" which so far, we've seen that the implemented sets only use a neck-chest guard of some sort. The second is the design of the staff as a weapon. The focus is completely on the sprite found near the hand, but she is supposed to throw it to impale enemies and leaving just two sharp roots at the end just doesn't seem like it will cut it. Having said that, this is by far my favorite design and I would definitely use this if it was implemented.

2. [Drow Ranger] Bows of Dominance by IGWTmenace

     I do not know whether these are going to be two separate bows for the audience to choose or one bow with two styles, but what I do know is that IGWTmenace did a fantastic job.

     Whenever I see a Drow bow, I immediately seek out distinction. Drow is pretty much a monotonous character, and often times, this results in creators jumping to making bows that can either incorporate an ice element, or an animal element with the bow. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but because of those popular trends, this certain weapon appears to be a more innovative style. I am also a fan of how futuristic and beautiful it looks with the in game screenshots. Just my personal opinion, I would rather choose the one without the red accents, simply because I mistook the one with the red shine to be a Vengeful Spirit weapon at first. Nonetheless, both of them look stunning.