Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 10th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Beastmaster] Helm of the Warbeast by Futashia

     Who would have thought that a single helm could change a hero's persona completely?

     What this helm does is introduce a coolness and charisma to the savage hero we identify as Beastmaster. He is a hero that is rugged, manly, wild, tribal, and savage which has now been taken to higher levels with this horned beauty. Frankly, right away I was under the impression this helm looks a bit similar to the Father of Dragons Helm by Don Don. However it is only the characteristic of the cheek/mouth guarding plates and the skull section.

2. [Nyx Assassin] Primal Instincts by [prosto-mogy]

     This set comes with three items including a horn, claws, and carapace. 

     I love these sets that incorporate the idea of Nyx's armor naturally evolving compared to just straight up replacing his shell with different armor. In this set, Nyx even loses his leg armors. The name Primal Instincts allows me to imagine that he has been surviving in a dangerous environment which forces our critter to hunt specific prey which is a great comparison to his role in game. His orange carapace warrior armor is slimmed to a lighter sort of blood color marked by tiger striped lines. The best part is the evolution of the exposed larger wings out the back that can indicate a steadfast preparation to strike. 

3. [Brewmaster] Hat of Brewing by goose

     A clear throwback to our beloved Pandaren from Dota 1.

     Goose did very well in reminding the audience of its olden style yet making the hat fitting and fashionable to the world of Dota 2. Specifically, I am mentioning the ears. Although he'll never be the same black and white panda from the old days, the ear exposure from the holes can attest to him being the same hero with different characteristics. Plus, since his ears are longer now, and have a white fading to the outside, it adds a level of finesse to our Brewmaster.

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