Saturday, October 5, 2013

October 5th, 2013 - Dota 2 Workshop Highlights of the Day

1. [Riki] Highborn Reckoning by Vextrakt

     This set comes with six items including: two daggers, a shoulder guard, arm guard, horns, and a tail.

     First and foremost, I would like to commend Vextrakt for making a set which does not cover any part of Riki's head, which when you think about it, is actually pretty hard since he does not have the prettiest face in the game. Instead, he is given new horns with the rest of the ensemble to portray a deadly bad-ass of the shadows. Past sets have always featured a yellowish gold which quite frankly do not compare to the how the color is being used here with the armor and daggers. The ruby gems inserted throughout he equipment add a nice contrast to the color scheme as well. 

2. [Drow Ranger] The Remainings of the Ice Drake by Nannou

     This set comes with seven items including: a bow, gauntlets, hair, pauldrons, quiver, cape, and boots.

     There are actually quite a few sets for Traxex that incorporate some kind of dragonic element to it. This particular set stands out with its wing mimicking cape, drake faced pauldrons, and a generous bow which looks like Drow's frost arrows come out of a dragon's mouth. Also, the boots and gauntlets actually look like a dragon's hands and feet but upside down with the quiver as a dragon's tail. The Remainings of the Ice Drake set can best be described as the embodiment of Traxex's victory over a slain ice drake. To read the full lore created by Nannou, it is found in the description of the submission page.

3. [Skeleton King] Dark Cruel Tyrant by hyrx

     This set comes with five items including: a sword, pauldrons, gauntlets, cape, and helm.

     Where do I even begin with this submission? I wonder if Hyrx took his time to name this set because Dark Cruel Tyrant is essentially the perfect description of how SK looks in it. The regality of Ostarion is just unsurpassed by anything else. In this black commanding glory, it is truly amazing how big a difference you can show with so little since Skeleton King sets can only change his cape, head and right side of the body. Now we have to mention the sword. The sword looks like "The Blood Shard" on five thousand pounds of steroids with the highlight being a skullcap near the end of the blade. I can without a doubt say that this sword will be the best out of all of them if released. Hyrx certainly has raised the bar for future SK sets.

4. [Ward] Assassin's Gaze by PrivateRowan

     Wards that beautifully depict Nyx Assassin's one of a kind armor.

     The real stunning factor of this ward is that the armor piece decoration over the eye is actually part of Nyx's real body armor. Now combine that with an armored bug leg which holds the ward up in its place and you will have the epitome of a Nyx ward. I honestly think it could not have been done any better. I feel it may be too much if you cover the right side with an armor piece too, so PrivateRowan deserves praise for engineering such a work of art.

5. [Shadow Shaman] Skull Sticks! by SebastianBastian

     This is another one of those, "so good and accurate it should have been the default" items.

     These are actually two items with each stick having their own respective names. The one that is upright is called the "Skull Stick Dark Witch" while the one with the inverted skull is called "Skull Stick Black Mage". I think it would be a great addition as a pack in a future chest since all we have for shadow shaman is that one Vagabonds set. I'm not sure if other owners of that set notice, but the offhand jug thing that replaces one of Rhasta's wands actually looks incorrect and has a floating ball of light in mid air above it. These sticks would make a terrific replacement to the Vagabond weapons as well as the default sticks Rhasta already uses.

Bonus. [Omniknight] Axsky Super by Drakonizer

     This Halloween, Omniknight will be trick or treating as Axe...

     Jokes aside, this weapon is a wonderful alternative amidst all the loads of holy hammers. It does seem ridiculous to some that Thunderwrath would be wielding something other than a hammer, but if you recall the Holy Paladin set, it contains a weapon that very much resembles a dual sided ax. Coming back to the weapon at hand (no pun intended), it is very detailed with its markings along the handle and makes for an excellent single weapon to customize Omniknight with any of his equipment. A shot of the rotating weapon model as well as Omniknight holding it is available in the videos posted in the workshop submission page.

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